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Spiritual Homework

Empowering you to open to the possibilities of your life 

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Kundalini Yoga is called the yoga of awareness through this practice you are left with you and only you to begin the process of removing the layers of this human journey.  You will dive deeper into your Soul and healing through pranayama, kriyas, meditations, and mantra.  Sound healing provided by multiple sound instruments including gongs, crystal bowls, metal bowls, drums, chimes and tuning forks.  Events and private lessons are available online and in person in Orange County, California. 

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Self Work

Soul Life Coaching & Healing: Move beyond the mind and do the deep work of your souls calling through guided private sessions online or in person in southern California.  You will be provided with an interpreted session as we channel your guides, loved ones and your soul to receive clarity on how to clear the emotional blocks that have disconnected you from your true self and thus your highest vibrational being.  The goal of Spiritual Homework is to assist you in healing the layers so you will be able to hear clearly and be empowered to make the changes your soul is calling you to. Are you ready?



Life is a celebration and for each part of life there is ceremony to honor the changes and shifts that we encounter.  From birth to death Spiritual Homework provides services and tools to ingrate the sacred in the process and journey that has arrived at your feet. 

Spiritual Homework is a sacred space for spiritual awareness and community based on acceptance (home) and self-realization tools (work). Remember though there is self-work, acceptance and love involved in this! The energy of Spiritual Homework is anchored in truth which we believe is the message of clarity.  Often, we are resistant to hearing the truth, yet we cannot evolve without accepting it.  Services, classes and events are created to foster your own spiritual growth and support your journey in light and acceptance.  The intention of Spiritual Homework is to guide everyone to meet their own truth and healing within themselves.  Creating a connection with your highest self to discover the truth that is revealed from looking through the lens of your soul.  If you are ready to dive into your true self and are looking for a guide you may have just found the home of your work.  

We are grateful to be of service.

Life demands honesty, the ability to face, admit,
and express oneself. ~ Starhawk



Corporate Coach

Sound Healing


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