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Ready to remember who you truly are?

  • Mindful Breath Repatterning to reduce stress and reconnect to self.

  • Reconnection of energy centers to reinstate balance in the physical body.

  • Soul retrieval work to bring back the "inner child" and other aspects of yourself that you have lost along the road.

  • Sound and energy healing to assist in removing the dis-ease in your energy.

  • Spirit Connection through visualization to connect with family, ancestors and past lives.

  • Truth education. I am not your healer I am your guide in healing.

  • Soul reconnection; through soul life coaching.

Image by Joshua Ness
Soul Life Coaching

Are you ready for your life to change? The commitment is yours. I will guide you in finding your true path and wisdom.  The journey is rewarding though not easy.  If you are ready to commit to your life then reach out today, we,are excited to guide you to your destiny.

Image by Javardh
Hands on Healing

Hands on healing is a technique that has been used for centuries.  It is currently being studied at hospitals due to the wonderful results they have found over 20 years of documentation.  With Spiritual Homework you will find a mix of energy healing, shamanism and sound.

Image by Damian Markutt
Spirit Connection

Have you ever wanted to connect to a loved one that has transitioned from the earth plane?  Through a 1:1 session together we will cross through the veil to connect with loved ones to catalyze healing and growth.  Also great for cord cutting or mending relationships with people here and in spirit.

Image by Nine Köpfer
Breath Repatterning

Mindful Breath Repatterning aka Breathwork is an ancient technology using the breath to powerfully draw up old emotions and blocks.  If you are seeking to reach your peak performance this three-part breath pattern will assist you in connecting to creative energy that will open doorways of your perception and your human experience.

Image by Quentin Dr
Soul Retrieval & Contracts

Do you ever question what was the life purpose or journey you signed up for?Let's look at the cycles and patterns in your life so we can see the fragments that may have splintered and what contracts you may want to clear.  We will integrate the soul fragments back in through deep meditative practices. 

Image by Natalie Pedigo
Successful INteractions

Do you ever feel like your energy is being drained by something or someone outside of you?  Let's work on techniques to hold your own space and feel confident and clear in every moment.

Image by Shane Rounce
Conscious Co-Creating

Conscious Co-Creating takes Soul Life Coaching to the group level.  Great for families, couples, work environments and communities.

Image by Liv Bruce
Intuitive Parenting

As an intuitive educator and healer, I will guide you to create conscious boundaries in relating to your children.  Integrating tools of communication including deep listening. 

Image by Sean Pollock
Corporate Coaching

Looking to increase peak performance? Empower your employees to be the top performers your company seeks. Let's open the potential by dropping into the optional zone of flow and creativity. 

It starts with you

You can project the situation or outcome as if it comes from outside of you; though the reality is you are the creator.

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