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Spiritual Homework

Spiritual Homework was created by Dana Patterson this is her story:

Dana Patterson

I am not your healer; I am your guide in healing.

My journey of my spiritual self-work began in my late teen’s early twenties as I was diagnosed with PTSD, suffering from depression and anxiety attacks. My body at the time refused any medication and my experience with counseling was abusive, to say the least.


Following a nervous breakdown, I experienced panic attacks that would sneak up on me during college classes; to which I had no awareness until I was on the floor coming back to consciousness. With no hope of medication or counseling, I had to find my breath; I had to create an awareness of my breath to find a way to stabilize my physical body.

Learning to sense the subtle changes and shifts within became my way of being. Through breath, I found my intuition, and through my intuition, I found my Soul Voice. It had been calling me for decades, but I had been hitting the snooze button as many of us do. How often do people find their connection to soul and thus spirit once they hit rock bottom; I was there.

My college major changed during this time to psychology as a form of continued self-work and from there I began working with some amazing individuals who taught me much more of this spiritual work and my alignment to this path. For many years, I worked with people which some would label as being disabled I would say they have no filter which is quite refreshing.

They taught me so much from patience to how to use my voice, trusting my intuition, sound and vibration healing; honestly, the lessons were endless. From this, I pursued a masters degree in education as I was very frustrated by the labels and the unconsciousness of how some of my favorite people on the planet were being boxed in instead of held in a space of expansion as most of us are.

Once completed it was very clear to me that working in the education system was not going to provide the space I was guided was needed. So, I went into homes and worked with families to empower them to advocate for their children. Educating them on the actual needs of their children which most often is higher expectations from a place of love and acceptance.

Helping families to shift the vibrational frequency in their intentions, communication, and home. This was my path for many years until the call came to create Spiritual Homework and extend my work to everyone. Through Spiritual Homework, I guide individuals, couples and families through their own self-work.

As a psychic, energy healer and shamanic practitioner, I assist those who are guided to my work to shift into the consciousness that true healing takes work and a lot of homework! My clients receive homework, and my deal with them is if you choose not to do the homework then you are not with the right teacher/guide. The message is very clear; I am not here to heal you but to guide you in self-healing.

My mantra I tell them is “Pray and move your feet”; just as important as the intention to grow is the action to bring forth real change. My intention of my work is not to give “psychic” information to my clients but to use the guidance to help them see the cycles they have created in their lives and the deep roots that connect to those cycles. To guide them to find their Soul Voice and to above all trust that intuition or voice.

Often I say to my clients that my intention is to work myself out of this process with you; for you to be so clear that you will know for yourself what the next step is and you will guide others to find their Soul Voice. What I have learned from my own self-work is that in order to hear your Soul Voice you have to do the emotional cleanup; by looking at the cycles of your creation and choosing to heal and free yourself from them.

This work is not always easy and in my own personal work I say I put my feet to the fire; continually diving deeper. I often tell my friends and family that I realize it is not easy to be by my side as I will always ask you to do the work with me but in the end, we will be whole and clear. This is how I choose to be of service to the Light.   If you are ready Spiritual Homework and Dana Patterson may be just what you are looking for.

Pray and move your feet

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