The soul retrieval and healing that I experienced with you while you were in Vermont are some of the most remarkable and unforgettable experiences so far in my life. The one thing that still shines in my soul so vividly from our sessions is Seeing, feeling, and hearing the soul of my beloved, deceased partner of 17 years while I was on your healing table! It is something that I will cherish through my life with deep gratitude and love! 
I experienced great love, great insight, and great healing.  
I truly believe you have eyes of the Ancients: I believe you can see into souls, where they’ve been, where people’s wounds are, and where they are going. I believe you have guided me away from the self that repeats old habits and toward the self that is more whole and ready to create an inspiring and more joy & love filled life. 
All of this you have given with such grace, integrity, wisdom, tenderness, and an ever-steady hand supported by The Ancestors.
Your gifts of wisdom, knowing and healing are true and brilliant! I thank you from the bottom of my heart through infinity!"

Spirit Connection & Soul Retrieval

—  Ron, Florida

Dana was gifted to me by a friend. I had no idea what to expect, but had heard from a few sources that she was special. I am spiritual and intuitive by nature, but I am skeptical when introduced to someone who is touted to have a special gift or connection to a higher plane. Dana is the real deal. 

What is special about Dana is that her work, her messages and her healing aren’t done in a vacuum. There is a real world practicality and approach in her sessions that help you merge your spiritual self with your daily self and lessens the dissonance between the two.

The greatest gift I have received from my work with Dana is to trust my energy, my light and my higher purpose in the face of limiting fear or real world challenges. Dana merges the magic with the practical, the unseen with the seen, dreaming and the metaphysical with responsibility and action.

If you’re ready to be challenged and clear your path in a loving, supportive environment. If you want to go deep and look within and place your trust in love, light and action, look no further. Dana is a life changer.

~ George, West Hollywood

I have been suffering from digestive issues, hashimoto’s thyroid disease and celiac disease for many years.  Last July I was admitted into the hospital suddenly with a small bowel obstruction (SBO).  Fortunately, I did not have surgery. The SBO corrected after the treatment. 


I had a CT scan on my intestines and colonoscopy that showed a significant amount of diverticulosis. Dana put me on her healing table and worked on my body for healing. During this meeting with Dana she guided me to envision pink white light running through my intestine and that light becoming a needle and thread sewing the areas of diverticulosis.  Three weeks later I had a follow up CT Scan and there is NO evidence of diverticulosis.


If you are seeking a genuine, honest and healer that expresses true love, contact Dana.  I have been working with her for 2 years, and it truly has been life changing. 

- Serena,  Dana Point, CA


When I first met Dana, I saw a presence of light within her that was so welcoming. A sense of peace, love and confidence exuded out of her aura.  It felt so opposite of where I was at within myself that I remember thinking “wow, she’s the happiest/blissed out person I’ve ever met, I want to be like that too.”  However at that point of my life, it felt completely unattainable for myself.  When I had my first session with her, I was coming into the space with a heavy heart, high stress, and unstable emotions.  I had two main questions yet as the session went on I came to quickly see there was much deeper work to be addressed.  I walked out of it with the clarity in knowing I found someone who could help me with the path of work that was ahead of me. 


Over many sessions, her guidance of changing my perspective on things, helped me to come to the realization of my truth.   She has the greatest gift of being able to poke, provoke and uplift in a way that is so honest and raw yet also loving and gentle at the same time.  I’ve been blessed with a loving and supportive family who in my own healing process also agreed to multiple family and couple sessions with her.  These were always the hardest sessions for me to sit through but were also the most rewarding.  I can definitely attest to the fact that this path of self work has not been all rainbows and unicorns. Working on yourself is filled with negative and scary stuff.  I wanted to hear the truth but the truth was not always my friend and would be sometimes very hard to look at. However, I learned in order to get to the rainbows and unicorns we have to go the path of the truth and once we deal with the negative emotions that it stirs up, the positive will be the only thing left.

My heart is deeply grateful for the tools and knowledge she has shared with me.  It has allowed me to function and live life at a higher vibration.  Something I never thought I was truly capable of. Being stuck in a negative vibration cycle for many years felt like I was destined to never leave that space. Over the time, I have learned that was not my truth, my true self was here all along but covered up by the negativity.  Breaking through the cycles has given me the capability to be a better mother, wife, sister, aunt, daughter & friend.  Allowing me to have deeper heart centered connections with all of my relationships.  Learning to handle life situations past and present in a new way has been one of life’s greatest blessings.

Thank you Dana for sharing your light and your love with not only me but the world.  I will forever be grateful for your presence in my life. You are a gift. - Bianca,  Lake Forest, CA 

The first time I sat in Dana's kundalini yoga class, I knew she was a special soul capable of providing guidance and compassion. I was proven right when I started to meet with her one-on-one. It's hard to fully describe what her combination of listening, advising, and healing can do. I'm the midst of my own journey that has taken surprising turns, but I can already see how much Dana's perspective and tools have brought me ease in difficult moments, and enhanced my ability to see the world with more hope and love. I leave Dana's presence feeling stronger, more at peace, and more purposeful than when I started. She takes care to check on her clients after the sessions and put thought into the mantras and tools she suggests. I am very grateful for her. I'd recommend anyone seek her out if they are curious to take their own introspection and growth to the next level. Her healings are like the best massages for the soul!

- F., Anaheim, CA

For a few years I’ve been dabbling in yoga and meditation in an effort to “quiet the mind” and listen to what I knew was an inner voice just trying to work through the noise in my head. I had made progress and about six months ago I felt that I had moved from dabbling and was wanting a higher level of learning and commitment to my practice. For a couple months it seemed that speakers, teachers and yogis I admired spoke of “spiritual teachers” that had touched their lives. “I want a spiritual teacher”, I thought and formally asked the universe to help me find one. A few short weeks later I was looking for a restorative yoga class and I found Dana’s Kundalini yoga class at Yoga Bungalow. It was an extraordinary experience and as I was walking out of class a voice in my head very clearly told me that Dana was the spiritual teacher I had been looking for. I was too nervous to ask her if she did one on one work so I went home and googled her. Her website told me everything I needed to know. Dana was the universe’s answer to my request. I have been working with her now for a couple months and to say that it’s changed the trajectory of my life feels like a ridiculous understatement. This year has been a challenge. I am divorcing after 25 years of marriage and starting a new job that is amazing and terrifying at the same time. Dana has not only been a kind, loving, intuitive ear; she is truly a teacher. She provides me the tools I can use every day to work through pain, change my long held belief system, connect with my guides and create a life I never dreamt for myself. She’s available for me, helps answers questions and is a loving, knowledgeable guide in more ways than I can express. I can feel my energy shifting. I feel less fear and more hope. I am gaining clarity about things that had confused me for years. My belief system is changing in a way that has changed the way I see the world and my role in it. I’m gaining strength and am working on stepping into my role as a Warrior in this lifetime. Dana’s work is making me a better mother, daughter, friend, leader and overall human being and we’re just getting started. Dana is the greatest gift I’ve ever given to myself and I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in my life with her by my side.


- Katie, Operations Executive and Spiritual Warrior in training