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In this session I will guide you to connect to your higher self/soul to gain clarity and release the blocks of the human mind.  Allowing for your divine truth and purpose to guide your path as you release the subconscious files of the mind that create the blocks of growth and manifestation.  When you set an appointment I will tune into your energy and see where the individual blocks are in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.  Through our session we will break through these blocks clearing the path and raising your vibrational consciousness.  Tools (Spiritual Homework) will be provided to continue to clean and clear those blocks or cords. This will help to keep your vibration at a place where you can manifest the highest possible outcome for your journey.   Each session catalyzes growth and healing allowing each individual to connect to their own intuition and to be guided to manifest the life they desire.  As we clean and clear old patterns and habits we raise our vibration thus allowing for the highest path to be shown.  Each session includes tools for your own growth and healing as well as a follow up email for questions that arise.

50 Minute online Soul Life Coaching with distance healing

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