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Say what? Cultivating conscious communication

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

So often we hold back on communicating our needs, desires, and our truth all with the intention of freeing the other person and/or ourselves from the “conversation”.  The other perspective is if we fail to communicate, we fail to show up as truth in the lives of others and for ourselves.  The reality is we need to open ourselves to speak the truth and the implementation of this must begin with the awareness of the vibration of communication.

Vibration of communication?  I know this may seem or sound foreign to some of you yet follow me for just one moment.  For example, if you walk into a situation or conversation expecting a negative outcome, from a place of fear or dread then the vibration is set at a very low place; maybe your solar plexus (aka your gut).  Think of the last conversation you had when you were feeling uneasy about approaching a specific person or situation.  Take a breath and go back to that moment.  Where was your energy setting?  Most likely in your solar plexus!  The plexus of fear, doubt, or worry if not balanced and yet the space of will power and projection if it is.  Speaking from your solar plexus is something a lot of us do in this day and time.  Often, we speak from the space of holding back for so long that we move into conversations at the wrong vibration.  Let’s look at the opposite spectrum.

What if you create a conversation knowing there will be positive outcome perhaps you are sharing joy or communicating love?  In these examples the vibration of energy is at a very high place, perhaps your heart. Now think of a conversation where you were excited or “bliss filled” to share some news with someone.  Take a breath and go back to that moment.  Where was your energy sitting?  Most likely in your heart center; also, the space of love and compassion.  Both situations are about communication, but they are also about vibration of energy and where we are speaking from.

Remember where you speak from creates the energy that carries the conversation to a vibrational outcome.  When you are guided to communicate trust yourself!  Believe that there is something that your soul is trying to speak.  Perhaps take a moment to really connect to the energy you are feeling about the upcoming conversation.  If the energy is not in your heart center, then do some long deep breathing to move the energy to your heart (3 minutes is a good start).   Utilize the breath to release any fear or doubt you have about the conversation and to bring a conscious awareness to the energy that will be interwoven with your words.  If you speak from a place of love, you will create a place of love.   One of my internal mantras is “As I speak my truth from a place of love, I am healing myself and others”.

Spiritual Homework Toolbox:  Moving forward create an awareness of the vibration to the conversation before you speak.  Then utilize your breath and this awareness to hold a space for conscious communication.  Tune into your soul and ask for the guidance to deliver the highest outcome for all involved.

Sending you infinite love and light ~ Dana

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