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Connecting to your infinite light

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

In talking with a good friend I was presented with the opportunity to discern my connection to the Infinite.  It was a beautiful practice for me to take a moment and really sense and speak to the beauty and gift of this connection.  The conversation started along the lines of “how do you see this connection”?   My first and clearest response was Love is the highest vibration; so, I see Love visually as Light.  When sending Love and Light to someone I see that Light as the vibration of Love being sent to heal and uplift them.  It is my belief and experience that Love is the highest vibration of energy and this is where all healing comes from and where we are all trying to come home to.  It is this pure vibration of unconditional love which is ever flowing from the one source the Infinite.  It is our awareness that we are part of this Unconditional Love that allows us to maintain our connection to tap into this source directly.  As a visual person I see this as an energetic cord of Light (love) that connects me to the Infinite Source of Love. 

There are many ways to connect to the Infinite and you can create this connection with only an intention!  So many times, we make things much more difficult or intense as the human mind likes to process much like a computer.  We think there must be a program for this right?? I need Word on my computer as a word processor and I need Photoshop to create art so there must be a specific program that I should use or follow to connect to the Infinite.  This is a block to your connection!  If you are always trying to perfect the art of connecting you may never get to the connection that is your birthright the essence of your Light (love) your Soul essence.  This infinite source of Love is already inside of you; there are no specific guidelines. 

So, if it is part of our birthright and it is within each of us then you may ask why then do I not feel this connection.  There was a time in my life when though I trusted the connection was there and asked for guidance the line of communication seemed unclear or blocked.  The human mind often creates these blocks sometimes simply by the illusion that the connection is difficult and at times blocks are created by old disappointments or frustrations with the Infinite.  Why did this happen to me?  I prayed for this to come into my life why are you not answering my prayers?  These thoughts or feelings allow the mind to create a block or a fray in your connection as your mind begins to tell you that maybe it is not truth.  Playing into the idea that if it was truth this should be effortless, I should have my prayers answered.  In this theory though we are forgetting that source works through us to create experiences for our highest good and there are times when the lessons or experiences do not feel as we are expecting. 

These blocks or frays in the connection need to be cleared and the one true way to clear them is to see and accept all that has been brought to us as Divine.  Each experience is given to us as an opportunity for the Soul’s progression in finding that space of unconditional love for self and all.  A wonderful mentor of mine suggested when my cord was frayed to see the cord of light that connects me to Source and begin visually clearing the blocks.  Some of these blocks that my mind had created were some of my greatest lessons.  For example, the abusive relationships in my life I later realized played a huge part in mastering the lesson of my self-worth.  When I began to see my worth, I no longer tolerated this abuse; it was no longer a part of who I was and then the experiences and the lessons in this ceased to exist in my life.  I found in healing the frays in my cord to the Infinite that I indeed was frustrated with the Infinite for allowing me to be treated this way or to have been brought to these experiences at all.  As I healed the frays in my cord the connection that was always there became stronger and clearer as the truth was revealed to me.  The Soul brings the lessons we need!

My practice for keeping my connection begins each day visually connecting my cord to the Infinite source of Love and asking to be guided to the experiences that are for the highest good of all involved.  To keep this connection clear I also spend time each day in meditation with the Infinite sending Love and Gratitude for the Light that surrounds and guides me.

Know that when you set intentions you are creating something!  Trust in you and your connection to the Infinite Source of Love that is you and surrounds you.

Thank you, my dear friend Kristy, for inspiring this! 

Sending you Infinite Love and Light. ~  Dana

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